radloop™ | Automate Radiology Report Workflow.

Automate Radiology Report Workflow.

Deliver radiology reports directly to your referrer’s smart phone and desktop PC via the radloopTM application.

The radloopTM application automatically recognizes follow up recommendations in radiologist’s reports and allows the referrer to act on the recommendations. radloopTM revolutionizes the report process by delivering the final radiology report direct to the referrer’s cell phone and desktop PC via the radloopTM web application. It allows the referrer to accept, decline, modify or defer the radiologist’s recommendation. If the referrer accepts the recommendation, a signed order is created. The signed order is then distributed to both the referrer’s office and radiologist’s office for scheduling purposes. Both offices then have the ability to work together to complete the requirements for scheduling the exam.  

radloop™ | Track follow up recommendations to close the loop from your final report.

Track Data.

Track follow up recommendations to close the loop from your final report.

Radiologists make a follow up imaging recommendation on 12% of reports1. Although referrers accept 91% of those recommendations, 26% of the follow up examinations are not performed2. The radloopTM application provides the radiologist and referrers with the tools necessary to simplify and optimize the recommendation follow up process, thus decreasing the percentage of follow up exams that are not performed.

1   Sistrom CL, Dreyer KJ, Dang PP, et al. Recommendations for additional imaging in radiology reports: multifactorial analysis of 5.9 million examinations. Radiology 2009; 453-461 [Erratum in Radiology 2010; 254:316] 2   Kadom N, Doherty G, Solomon A, et al. Safety-Net Academic Hospital Experience in Following Up Noncritical Yet Potentially Significant Radiology Recommendations. AJR:209, November 2017; 1-5
radloop™ | Minimize radiologist exposure and risk.

Reduce Risk.

Minimize radiologist exposure and risk.

In the United States, failure of a radiologist to adequately communicate results is the third largest cause of litigation against radiologists3. The radloopTM application addresses this concern by highlighting report recommendations. It ensures the results have been communicated effectively, thereby maximizing the referrer’s ability to act for the patient. radloopTM bridges present communication gaps and closes the loop between radiologists, referrers and patients.

3   The Causes of Medical Malpractice Suits against Radiologists in the United States Jeremy S. Whang, Stephen R. Baker, Ronak Patel, Lyndon Luk, and Alejandro Castro, III Radiology 2013 266:2, 548-554 
radloop™ | Track follow up recommendations to close the loop from your final report.

Recapture Revenue.

Automated diligent tracking of recommendations will increase revenue.

Lost revenue from unexecuted follow up recommendations, as well as the potential to recapture some of that revenue, can be quickly and easily estimated by you for your practice. 

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